Dr Oz Cellulite Relief

Dr Oz presented very interesting natural ways to help counter Cellulite:

Handheld Suction Massagers

Dr Oz also recommended Caffeine Cream and Retinol Cream to improve the appearance of Cellulite.

Exercising won’t help cellulite but rather you need to strengthen the collagen fibres which hold the skin and fat in place.

Retinol and Caffeine Cream help strengthen those fibres and thus ease the appearance of cellulite white dramatically.

These vacuum massagers help free fluid from the fat cells and plump up the skin.

Bromelain Supplement 500 mg daily

Bromelain is a wonderful enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cellulite Scrub with Lemongrass

3 tablespoons ground seaweed
¼ cup sea salt
a couple of drops of Lemongrass Oil
¼ cup olive oil

Apply and massage into the cellulite areas – shower afterwards.

Gaba Cream for Wrinkles

Dr Oz recommended Gaba Cream to get rid of wrinkles instead of Botox.

Apply initially once a day and look to increase to twice a day.

Two specific Gaba Creams recommended on the show:

Dr Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Eye Firming Cream

Dr Brandt’s Crease Release

Other high quality Gaba Creams:

Also featured on the show to rejuvenate facia skin is Matrixyl & Dermaxyl

Clarins Instant Smoothing Perfecting Touch

Other quality product:

Diva Cream Anti Aging Renewal Cream – Best Anti Wrinkle Formula for Skin Firming, Lifting and Tightening Face and Neck – Powerful Peptides Matrixyl TM 3000, Argireline TM and Dermaxyl TM Moisturize and Restore Delicate Under Eye Skin and Diminishes Wrinkles for a more Youthful and Eye Lifting Appearance

For more information on Gaba Cream please visit http://www.gabacreams.com