Dr Oz Gycolic Acid Great For Wrinkles

Dr Oz featured specific acids to enhance your skin and diminish wrinkles.

Dr Oz and Dr Day said that the right acids can be invaluable for skin rejuvenation and skin beauty.

For Wrinkles:
Gycolic Acid is best for wrinkles as it is a great for exfoliation to remove dead skin and at the same help promote more collagen.

Please look for skin creams that have 10% Gycolic Acid in their ingredients.

For Dry Skin
Lactic Acid is recommended for treating dry skin. It is often an ingredients in moisturizing creams as it helps retain water in your skin. Lactic Acid defeats dry skin by helping the skin retain moisture.

Please look for skin creams that have 12% Lactic Acid in their ingredients.

For Acne
Salicylic Acid is best for acne. If you have acne look for Salicylic Acid in acne treatments, creams or cleansers.

Please look for 2% Salicylic Acid in the ingredients.

Acid in skincare can be your friend.

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