Dr Oz – Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkles Patches

Vitamin C is great for your skin and can help you erase wrinkles, reverse discoloration and brighten your skin.

Doctor Oz recommended Vitamin C Patches to apply at night on your problem areas of fine lines and wrinkles like your crowsfeet or around your eyes or around your mouth.

These really deliver the antioxidant properties from the bioavailable vitamin c and are a powerful boost for your skin.

Dr Oz also recommended the Neutrogenia Sonic Wave Cleanser to cleanse your skin and erase wrinkles.

The more you use it the better for your skin and the better results.

Use it everyday and you can use it all over your body. When you use it regularly your skin will appear brighter and get rid of discoloration and perhaps most importantly:

The nutrients like Vitamin C will more easily penetrate your skin and do more good.

This is a good strategy.

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