History of Argan Oil

Argan Oil has a Long History of Being Used to Enhance The Body

The history of Argan starts with a Sumerian King. He discovered the oil when he was on a hunting expedition. When the king stumbled upon the seeds, he was intrigued and started to research the different uses.


Argan oil also dates back to  Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used argan oil to protect their skin. Nowadays, it is a staple in the home cosmetics industry for the same purpose.

The initial thought was to use it as food, not a cosmetic ingredient. In the middle ages, the Egyptians were using it to guard against the heat of the sun, because it had an antioxidant property.

The history of argan oil doesn’t end there. They also used it to stop bleeding and to soothe inflammations. One of the strategies that they used was known as “sandblasting” where they used an argan seed or oil to go through the skin and blast out any kind of foreign matter.

It was found that the argan oil would help heal wounds and to heal cuts as well aiding with soothing irritated skin.

The history of argan oil continued for another hundred years. It was found that the Egyptian people found the oil even more beneficial than the vitamin E that they had previously given.

Argan oil has shown it can help keep our skin looking young and beautiful.

Because of its unique ability to retain moisture, argan oil is a popular ingredient for products in both food and beauty.

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Dr Oz – Rosehip Oil For Dry Skin

Dr Oz says use Rosehip Oil for dry skin including Psoriasis and Eczema.

The Mayans used Rosehip Oil for their skin so it is an ancient beauty secret with great anti-aging benefits with its high Vitamin A content.

It has many benefits for skin reduce wrinkles. It is a great for exfoliation and a tremendous moisturizer.

Application directions:

Use right after shower to take advantage of the skin being moist. In addition use one or two drops to your daily moisturizer to supercharge it.