Dr Oz – Facial Skin Type Fixes

Vitamin C Serum for People Prone to Wrinkling

Dr Oz featured Topical Vitamin C Serum to help your collagen by helping prevent the loss of existing collagen and aiding in collagen production. Apply everywhere on your face but do it a night because of the sun.

Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peel for Discoloring and Pigmentation on your face

Alpha Beta Hydroxy Acid Peels are available in home use kits. It is great for exfoliation and can diminish and lighten pigmentation and discoloration.

Look for Two step Alpha Beta Hydroxy Acid Peels as they are the most gentle. Apply in a circular motion all over your face. Wait 2 mintues and do step 2. Apply daily or as you like for results in a couple days.

Dr Oz featured Peptide Cream for loose skin. Peptide Cream helps maintain existing collagen and facilitate more collagen production.
Apply over whole face.

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